The Worst

Welcome to the Diapers & Diabetes Project!  Our second post comes to us from all those who think they are helping us feel better, the odd comment that leaves one needing a safe place to vent and the just plain WRONG that is living in a world that just doesn’t quite understand our lives at times! 

When asking our D&D families the worst and / or funniest thing someone said regarding their Type 1 experience, here is what they had to tell:


“It’s good he got it so young because he won’t remember any other way of life.”  Uh…doesn’t it kind of stink that he got it to begin with?

“I don’t know how you do it. (shots, that is)  I would never be able to give my child a needles, I don’t want to hurt him.”  So I should do what?  Avoid the discomfort of a needle and let my child die slowly instead?

“Will she outgrow it?”  Ummmm, will you outgrow your ignorance?

“A dietician actually told me she could work with us so that our son wouldn’t need insulin any longer, that we simply had to modify his diet.  Countless people send me links about organic diets.  The worst might be all the sugar free products people tell me to use.”  Sugar free products, weird ass diet tricks or anything else crazy one finds on the internet do not belong in the lives of any two year old, please for the love of our inboxes STOP sending us links to cure our children.  Believe me, when a cure is found, we’ll know it before you do.

“It could always be worse.” 

“My clincher is the ones who know nothing about Type 1 and assume that I fed my child too many bad foods.”

“My uncle has diabetes and he had to have both his legs amputated a few months ago.”  This just defies logic.  You have just told the mother of a little one her child’s legs will eventually fall off.  I think your legs should be removed as punishment…..or better yet we can take one of them and hit you over the head with it! 

“A stranger watched me give my daughter a shot and when she was about to eat her happy meal treat she actually walked up to our table and said SHE CAN’T EAT THAT?!”  Newsflash:  People with Type 1 can eat whatever they like as long as we can count the carbs.  There have even been reports of marbles, quarters and non-carb items being injested and everything turned out just fine.

“Diabetes can be cured with cinnamon…maybe if your son loses some weight he won’t have diabetes anymore.” 

“Someone actually told me I was scaring other children by giving my son a shot and checking his blood sugar and I needed to go do it in the bathroom so as not to offend anyone.”  Why should we have to hide?  Our children did nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with their lives. 

“I was told I should have stopped having kids because my youngest has so many problems!” 

“If you ate organic food when you were pregnant your baby wouldn’t have gotten diabetes.”

“We had a nutritionist tell us to stockpile our fridge with diet coke and use slurpees to treat lows.”

“At least it’s not cancer.” 

“But your child looks so healthy!”

“Our social worker told us the only thing in life our daughter couldn’t do with Type 1 was be a hand model.”

“I am grateful my child doesn’t have cancer and that we have it under control, but I HATE it when others tell me this.  Maybe cause when they say it I feel it is downplaying how hard things actually are for us as a family everyday.”  You just want someone to understand and listen, not try to instantly fix things.

“Someone actually asked me if I knew the life expectancy of a diabetic.”  We are not cats.

“You know you will be blind by the time you are 40, right?” 

“There is a cure for diabetes andthe first thing you must do is get your child off of insulin.”

“I was told I should resume nursing because my insulin would be transfered to my daughter.”  Perhaps, then, you could resume being nursed in order to be given substantial brain cells?

“I had a waiter watch us prick our son’s finger and proceed to ask us ‘So, what he has…will that actually kill him someday?’  The manager was called and we haven’t seen the waiter since.”

“It’s not that big of a deal, your daughter just needs to be on a diet.”

“My non-d son describes his little brothers diabetes as ‘My brother has diabetes and he wears a pump that eats jellybeans’ when someone asks him to talk about his family.”

“Which one of you here has a problem with the sugar?”

“My son recently went to a party and got soaked.  As I was changing his shirt someone asked me if his fanny pack was for his toys.”

“At a birthday party my son got distracted and ran away before finishing his slice of cake.  When I told him he needed to come back and eat more cake I got the strangest looks from other parents who saw me give him his shot.” 

Our kids can have cake, they are healthy and have a chronic, life-long condition that deserves respect and understanding.  As Type-1 parents we don’t get regular sleep all the time and our lives can be very scary, especially when we leave our homes and venture out into a world that doesn’t understand what is happening with our children.  Maybe, just maybe, next time you meet someone and they have something going on in their lives that you don’t know much about, instead of thinking up something quick to try to make them feel better or change the subject, think about what you would want to hear if you were a small child.


You have to laugh at yourself, because you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t.  ~Indigo Girls


2 thoughts on “The Worst

  1. By far my favorite has been from a GP who told me I wasn’t type 1 (had been for maybe 7 years at this point) and that if I lost weight I’d be fine (I was maybe 110lb?) so he refused to write me a script for insulin…I didn’t need it!

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