He’s going to be 10.

We only had 14 months before our world got REALLY turned upside-down. You thought having an infant was tough? Try puncturing your baby’s skin a dozen+ times a day.

In 10 years Diapers & Diabetes has grown to over 3000 families from all over the world. I think it’s safe to say we are the largest gathering of little ones with Type 1 out there. Is that sad? Is it awful so many babies are being diagnosed?

Well, yes, but at the same time isn’t amazing we all found each other? That in the middle of the night, a mother terrified in the ICU can message us and say “Hello, my baby was just diagnosed 6 hours ago,” and within minutes a dozen families virtually rush to her side to hug her and let her know we’re here for her and her family.


From a dozen needles a day to a dozen families within minutes. I’ll take that.
And that’s the thing…. anything life gives you can be awful, but it can also be amazing. I shared years ago that diabetes could make you want to throw it all in the toilet, but we don’t. We keep going, keep sharing our diagnosis stories, our babies’ successes as they grow.

A common question at D&d is, once my baby is out of diapers, do I leave the group? I say heck no! Stay and share your wisdom with our new babies, because they are going to need you.

Speaking of babies, another very common question is “Do I have another?” or “Will my other children be diagnosed as well?” Some of our families are double or triple T1 warriors, yes, with multiple dx within one family, and to them I say a huge “Namaste,” meaning my light inside honors yours, and yours is one heck of a light, it might as well be a fireball you are so amazing!

I’ve been quiet for a long time on this blog because I took the last 4 years balancing life with my son who has thrived and figuring out having a daughter who has more personality than those fireballs I reference above. With no disrespect to our multiple T1 warrior families, to be honest with you, I’ve been scared she would be diagnosed as well.

Awfulness, scary things…wow what do we do with it all some days? I can say what I thought to be my most awful moment (diagnosis) and a very big fear (my daughter) has also been my greatest joy. I can’t tell you the number of times I cry looking at my son. He’s alive by the modern miracles of individuals that thought T1’s deserved a chance to live rather than die. Without their ingenuity and drive none of us would have our babies.


And to the mothers and fathers and babies who have found D&d within hours of diagnosis, I’m so sorry you needed us, but so grateful you are here. We are in an incredible time with this disease, one that is forging forward with such tenacity and spirit I can’t quite contain my excitement. (I think I hugged and cried when my Dexcom G6 boxes arrived!)

I still dream of days when we can all meet, celebrate our babies 10 year medals and beyond together. We share soccer games, baby lambs on backyard farms, swim meets, school days and milestones only dreamed of 100 years ago by those who came before us with a disease once meant to end life. Now it enhances and reminds us of how amazing it is in all our babies do.



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